About Us

The Complete and Comprehensive solution for implants!

Dentix Millennium is a leader in the field of dental implants. The Company is a Manufacturer and distributor of dental implants since 2005 and its implants can be found in Tens of thousands of healed persons around the globe.

Dentix Millennium is a global strategic partner with leading international firms. We Manufacture the implants in Israel, and distribute them for both local and international Markets. Working according to local and international standards,our products are authorized by the leading medical labs around the world, and are sold in more than 15 countries, in Europe.

Dentix Millennium Vision:

Creating the highest quality implants, ensuring functional & esthetical solutions, while Considering the long term and high success rate of the implant and mass affordability

Dentix Millennium‘s Core Competences:

1. A small number of drills which prevent bone heating and increasing the osseointegration of the implant
2. A small and friendly surgical kit, preventing bone tissue trauma.
3. The unique structure of the implant provides a special 360 stabilization of the implant, improving its quality and reducing bone restoration at the crystal part of the implant.
4. Sloping shoulder of the implant allows aesthetic reconstruction of the pre-implant soft Tissue, especially in the anterior aesthetic zone. They’re easily achieved by design of the soft Tissue around the implant.
5. Implant design and knowledge transfer from bio-engineering to the filed of medicine, allowing the use of Dentinx Millennium implants in various and complicated clinical situations.
6. By using the narrow implants, special platform and special surface of the implant, it provides the perfect clinical solution for a wide range of clinical cases. It can preserve the use of bone graft, specially in case of narrow bone. It is friendly in use by the hands of Dentists.

Key Points for Dentix Millennium Dental Implants:about

– 3.0 mm diameter implants allowing transplantation in narrow bones.
– Special surgical kit!!! Allows short surgery with minimal bone tissue trauma
– Unique implant structure prevents unwanted stress of the bone.
– Surgical kit one set of tools used by both the doctor and the laboratory technician.
– Continuous technology development and transfer to practitioners

Dentix Millennium‘s System Model:

1. Minimal drilling during transplantation.
2. Insertion kit which prevents bone heating and bone tissue trauma
3. Flexible superstructure parts for prosthesis stabilization.
4. Grade 4 titanium compatibility and security.
5. Sand blasted and acid thread for better bone contact.
6. Screw thread, double thread for better bone contact.
7. Self tapping for easy insertion and better primary stability.
8. Conical and hexagonal connection for indexation and anti-rotation.

Dentix Millennium‘s Quality Strategy:

Our quality management scheme meets the ISO 9001 standards. Our system and components are being tested to comply with standard ISO 13485 and European Standard MDD 93/42 EEC for medical equipment manufacturers.