Implant Cleaning Process

Cleaning Process

cleanallSIGDENT is using an advanced and thorough implant cleaning process for all dental implants to ensure surface structure and surface chemical composition and its purity grade. All implant products follow a multi-stage cleaning path before declared medically clean and ready for the packaging process.

Special Cleaning Considerations:

• Identity of any surface treatments that blast the implant
• Composition of the particles
• Identity of any treatments to remove particles from implant surfaces
• Identity of agents used in particle removal
• Chemical analysis of the surface to verify that any chemicals used to remove particles have been washed from the surface
• Photomicrographs of blasted surfaces to show whether or not there are particles remaining behind on the surface
• Prior to sterilization by radiation, all implants go through a process for cleaning after the manufacturing process (pre-sterilization). The steps are: Washing after machining, Aluminal Blasting, and Acid Treatment.

Surface examination by means of SEM / EDS analysis:

1 2 3
 *Source: Surface Analysis of Dental Implants by SEM / EDS, Certificate No. 11-0225-NODI
Implant surface at low magnification.
No visible abnormal impurities.
Implant surface at low magnification.
No visible abnormal impurities.

The analysis was executed using the faclilites of the Material Engineering Faculty of the Israel Technion Institute: FEI Quanta scanning electron microscope (SEM) and Inca X-ray analyzer attached to the electron microscope.

The analysis included: Inspection of the surface in back scattering electrons, which due to good elemental contrast, enables detection of the impurities on the surface of the implants, EDS analysis of the typical impurity particles.