Bonturi Calcinabile
( Plastic Abutments for Casting PC)
Platformă Hex Intern (IH)
  • Material: POM
  • 2,1/2,4 mm hex intern
  • Șurub protetic inclus
  • Platformă de 45º
2.4 mm IH 2.4 mm IH
L ↓ ø →
3.2 mm 4.5 mm
10 mm RPCHH-4510 bont cu hex
10 mm RPCH-4510 bont fără hex
12 mm RPCHH-3212 bont cu hex
12 mm RPCH-3212 bont fără hex
15° RPCAH-1511
25° RPCAH-2511
MU Angular MU Drept MU Angular MU Drept
ø →
5.5 mm 5.5 mm 5.5 mm 4.5 mm
Sleeve Calcinabil MU RMUCS 5510 SMUCS 4510
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